Send Fax Online to Anywhere in The U.S. And Canada

Since the birth of the Internet, companies have been working around the clock to make tedious duties—such as sending and receiving faxes—more user-friendly and efficient. By providing the ability to fax online, virtual phone systems have saved thousands of companies precious time and resources, allowing employees to focus on their clients more directly.

The Ease of Sending a Fax Online vs. Standard Fax

When an employee sends a standard fax, they are often required to leave their desk in order to go to the fax machine. At this point, they must carefully feed their document through the machine and input a series of numbers that are linked to the recipient’s fax machine. Finally, the employee must wait until the fax has been sent in order to ensure that the documents have successfully been sent to the recipient. When a company chooses a fax online service, however, the process is much simpler. Employees need only to open their virtual phone system accounts, upload the document, enter the appropriate fax number and send the document to the recipient. They are not required to feed paper into a machine or wait around to ensure proper delivery.

Convenience of Receiving a Fax Online

Most employees in the administrative field are required to receive documents via fax in order to process orders, confirm details and more. When this is done with a traditional fax machine, employees are required to leave their desks to go to the machine, make sure it is loaded with blank paper, ensure that there is plentiful toner to print the documents and clear out any paper jams that may occur. Receiving an online fax is much simpler. When an employee receives a fax online there is no paper or toner to deal with; they are notified of the incoming fax via an alert from the virtual phone system.

Save Time

The process of sending or receiving a fax online is very quick; employees simply need to open their virtual phone system applications and upload or download files. This means that online fax services that are provided by virtual phone systems can absolutely eliminate the need for bulky fax machines that are often shared by an entire office.  Employees who spend several minutes on a daily basis sending and receiving faxes from a centralized machine can now send and retrieve their documents from the comfort of their own desks, leading to a huge increase in productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

Handling Multiple Recipients

Sometimes employees may run into the need to send a fax to more than one individual. While this can certainly be a time-consuming process at a standard fax machine, it can be done in minutes when employees choose to send the fax online. As opposed to dialing in multiple fax numbers or sending the same fax multiple times in order to ensure that all of the necessary recipients receive it, employees who choose to send the fax online can simply select the recipients from their contacts lists within their virtual phone system applications. This way, all of the faxes are sent to the correct parties in a single transaction.

Every business owner or administrative manager knows that time is money, especially when everyday tasks can be simplified in a way that is simple and cost-effective. Utilizing a virtual phone service that allows employees to fax online will result in increased productivity and incredible savings.


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