Send Fax Online to Anywhere in The U.S. And Canada

Since the birth of the Internet, companies have been working around the clock to make tedious duties—such as sending and receiving faxes—more user-friendly and efficient. By providing the ability to fax online, virtual phone systems have saved thousands of companies precious time and resources, allowing employees to focus on their clients more directly.

The Ease of Sending a Fax Online vs. Standard Fax

When an employee sends a standard fax, they are often required to leave their desk in order to go to the fax machine. At this point, they must carefully feed their document through the machine and input a series of numbers that are linked to the recipient’s fax machine. Finally, the employee must wait until the fax has been sent in order to ensure that the documents have successfully been sent to the recipient. When a company chooses a fax online service, however, the process is much simpler. Employees need only to open their virtual phone system accounts, upload the document, enter the appropriate fax number and send the document to the recipient. They are not required to feed paper into a machine or wait around to ensure proper delivery.

Convenience of Receiving a Fax Online

Most employees in the administrative field are required to receive documents via fax in order to process orders, confirm details and more. When this is done with a traditional fax machine, employees are required to leave their desks to go to the machine, make sure it is loaded with blank paper, ensure that there is plentiful toner to print the documents and clear out any paper jams that may occur. Receiving an online fax is much simpler. When an employee receives a fax online there is no paper or toner to deal with; they are notified of the incoming fax via an alert from the virtual phone system.

Save Time

The process of sending or receiving a fax online is very quick; employees simply need to open their virtual phone system applications and upload or download files. This means that online fax services that are provided by virtual phone systems can absolutely eliminate the need for bulky fax machines that are often shared by an entire office.  Employees who spend several minutes on a daily basis sending and receiving faxes from a centralized machine can now send and retrieve their documents from the comfort of their own desks, leading to a huge increase in productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

Handling Multiple Recipients

Sometimes employees may run into the need to send a fax to more than one individual. While this can certainly be a time-consuming process at a standard fax machine, it can be done in minutes when employees choose to send the fax online. As opposed to dialing in multiple fax numbers or sending the same fax multiple times in order to ensure that all of the necessary recipients receive it, employees who choose to send the fax online can simply select the recipients from their contacts lists within their virtual phone system applications. This way, all of the faxes are sent to the correct parties in a single transaction.

Every business owner or administrative manager knows that time is money, especially when everyday tasks can be simplified in a way that is simple and cost-effective. Utilizing a virtual phone service that allows employees to fax online will result in increased productivity and incredible savings.


Send Fax Online

No Waiting for the Fax Machine with Fax Online Service

The ability to send fax online has revolutionized the way business is done. Not only is it a lot faster than traditional fax machines, but it is also able to offer far higher levels of confidentiality than traditional fax systems. This is why it has become so popular for most companies to send fax online these days. GNUPB3HUG2GM

Receive Your Faxes Anywhere

Because of the fact that online faxes are sent to your inbox, you no longer have to linger at the office while waiting for that all-important fax to arrive. When you send fax online, it can be sent from your home PC or even your laptop while you’re meeting with your clients or spending time at home with your family. The only requirements to send fax online are a computer and a reliable internet connection. This makes online faxing an ideal business tool for business people who are frequent travelers.

It is more Cost-Effective to Send Fax Online

Online faxes have resulted in substantial cost savings for businesses. Reasons for this include the fact that companies no longer have to foot the bill for a standalone fax machine, fax paper rolls, ink toner cartridges for the fax machine and of course the cost of an additional dedicated phone line. Because online faxes make use of existing internet bandwidth from your internet service provider, this means that you also don’t pay the cost of a phone call for each fax you send. Staff will also benefit from this arrangement because it means that they no longer have to stand in line to send or receive faxes.

Enhanced Security of Documents

When you send fax online, you can be sure that the intended recipient will be the one that receives it. The reason for this is because it is sent directly to their inbox instead of to a traditional fax machine. This prevents faxes which are highly confidential from falling into the wrong hands at the fax machine. When you send fax online, it also ensures that faxes aren’t left lying in a fax machine which the entire office has access to. An online fax doesn’t need to be printed out, so the chances of it being found by an unintended recipient are virtually zero.

Help Improve Customer Service

By making use of online faxing, you will also be able to enhance customer service levels. Because customers are able to send their fax to a dedicated person, they can be assured that the intended recipient will receive it. Online faxes can be prepared while you are meeting with the client, so by the time they arrive at their computer, the fax is already waiting in their inbox. By offering service which is that efficient, you will ensure that your clients will have a pleasurable experience when dealing with you and your company.

When you send fax online, you can be sure that you are making use of one of the most advanced forms of office technology available. By making use of technology which is available to you, you can ensure that your business will always have a more competitive edge than any competitors out there.

Fax Online

Send Fax Online With the Click of Your Mouse

Computers have helped to revolutionise the way people do business in so many ways. They have been instrumental in the streamlining of many services which every office is extremely dependent upon these days. An example of a service which has been made far easier with the use of an internet-connected computer is the ability to send fax online.

Online Faxes Are Never busy

One of the many benefits of online fax facilities is that they are never busy, unlike traditional fax machines. To send fax online is so much faster and more convenient. Gone are the days when employees had to leave their desks, walk to the fax machine across the office and spend precious time waiting in line for a fax to arrive or to simply send one. All they need to do now to receive a fax is ensure that their email is open, because when you send fax online, it is received via email.

To Send Fax Online is Far More Cost-Effective

When companies made use of standalone fax machines, they had to pay additional costs for a dedicated fax line. In most cases, they had to pay a rental fee for the standalone fax machine as well. Other costs incurred included rolls of rather costly fax paper, ink cartridges for the fax machine and the cost of a telephone call each time a fax was sent. The internet age has made the sending of faxes far more cost-efficient and convenient.


Employees Can Be More Productive

An online fax services has another advantage in that it allows employees to be more productive during their work day. With the convenience of being able to receive faxes via email, employees no longer have to waste time physically going to check a fax machine each time they are expecting a fax to arrive. It also cuts down dramatically on office gossip because of the fact that employees no longer have to stand around at the fax machine in order to send or receive a fax. They can easily send fax online with the click of the mouse and keep working.

Online Faxes Are Far More Confidential

Online faxes have another benefit in that they are far more secure and confidential than traditional paper faxes. This is because they are received directly in the appropriate employee’s inbox instead of being left to languish at the fax machine where anyone could walk by and pick them up. It ensures that only the intended recipient is able to receive and view the fax. This is especially important when faxes are of a highly confidential nature. All employees can now send fax online that are of a confidential nature.

Sending faxes online is definitely one of the best time-saving devices that any office can have. Not only will it result in higher levels of productivity in the office, but it will also ensure that costs are kept to a minimum, which is important for any business that wants to thrive in today’s highly competitive environment. Online fax services have definitely made their mark in the business world and they seem to be here to stay indefinitely.